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Since Eden Camp opened to the public as a museum in 1987, our visitors have been donating items to our archive which has continued to grow into a collection of national historical importance. In order to make this valuable resource open to the public and thanks to funding from the government’s #hereforculture Cultural Recovery Fund, we have begun the long process of making it available online. We’ve started with documents relating to the museum’s time as a prisoner of war camp but we’re adding new material every week on a wide variety of topics, so keep checking back for more.

Popular Objects

Air Ministry label & Copy - "Live pigeons not for liberation" - for attachment to pigeon basket; 3811
W.L.A. greatcoat (brown) - with W.L.A. arm band & W.L.A. metal badge - Women's Land Army - 1945; 1/01/1945; 23904
R.A.F. officer's dress tunic & trousers (blue) - Squadron Leader Farren - Queen's buttons - medal ribbons (6) - observer's brevet; 24787
R.A.F. battledress blouson (blue) - 1945 - no insignia; 1/01/1945; 25426
Gents wool, three piece blue pin striped suit from Burton.; 70132
1 Ladies burgundy polyester day dress. possibly Early 1960's; 70134
Uniform - trousers & jacket of capt a C Coulter REME; 71146
Army uniform - jacket & trousers. Royal Engineers. Captain insignia. medal ribbon. ubique collar badges. Captain Lance.; 71819
Ladies blue lace evening gown. Poor condition; 73423
2 Ladies cream cotton nightgowns; 73424
Raf great coat, jacket & blouson jacket.; 73425
Ladies coat. Oatmeal colour. Needene trimline; 73427
Oddball costume - leather jacket, vest & trousers; 74230
1948 Rose coloured crepe bridesmaid dress. Worn by donator's mother; 74801
1948 Ivory jacquard satin wedding dress & underslip. Worn by donator's aunt; 74800
1955 Fur coat. Beaver lamb fur (sheepskin processed to resemble beaver or seal fur); 74803
Nurses cape, blue wool with red lining, JH Bounds, t/a stethos, 1940s; 74898
Royal Navy officers windproof jacket zipped. size 3. height 170-190cM. chest 100cM. mid 1980s. Chris Costello; 75533
Royal Navy raincoat. mans size 170/92. J compton sons & Webb Ltd. mid 1980s. Chris Costello; 75534
WW1 Death Plaque commemorating Fred Pye. Likely 241204 Rifleman Fred Pye. 2nd/5th Bn South Lancashire Regiment; 77920
Headed notepaper (3 sheets) - "Buckingham Palace" embossed in red - see also item no: 5133; 5132
Envelope (1) - with crown motif embossed in red - see item no: 5132; 5133
Bank notes (6) - French (5) total 72 francs (1944) & Belgian (1) 10 francs (1948); 1/01/1944; 5244
Bank notes (2) - Norwegian 1 krona - issued by Norges bank - 1942 - notes printed in England - possibly Norwegian currency in exile; 1/01/1942; 5245

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Repatriated Landscapes – An excellent, up to date and well illustrated record of prisoner of war camps in the UK.

If you would like to donate or loan any items to our archive for preservation and/or display, please get in touch with our Archivist, Summer to make an appointment. You can see what we no longer accept by clicking here.