Donating an Artefact

Since Eden Camp opened to the public as a museum in 1987, our visitors have been donating items to our archive which has continued to grow into a collection of national historical importance.

We are delighted to be offered items from everyone. We know how important these objects are and that donating them to a museum is a major step. However, Eden Camp is a small museum with very limited space. We have a strict collection policy and ask potential donors to the museum to think how their object fits with our collections policy before offering them.

We are particularly interested in receiving objects that reflect the wartime experiences through personal items and documentation. We particularly enjoy receiving items that tell the story of Eden Camp. 


Here are some things we do and do not accept please note that this is only a small range of things. For our full list, please click the yellow text below.

We Will Accept:

  • First World War artefacts.
  • Second World War artefacts.
  • Objects specifically to do with Eden Camp.
  • Objects relating to our military vehicle collection.

We Cannot Accept:

  • Objects that are unsafe.
  • Gas Masks.
  • Items that duplicate what we already have in our collection.
  • Items in poor condition.
  • Items we do not have appropriate space or conditions to house.
  • Objects that do not belong to the donor.
  • Objects on loan.

You can see what we no longer accept by clicking here.


Making a Donation at Eden Camp

If you have an object that fits with the criteria above, your first step should be to fill out a donation information form (See Below). We can then check with you how your object fits with our collection and can give you an initial decision as to whether we are likely to accept it.

You should then make an appointment with our Collections & Engagement Manager, Summer, to arrange to bring the object to the museum.

When bringing the object to the museum, the object will be examined to determine its condition and you will be asked to complete a Donator Record to transfer full ownership to the museum. We no longer take items on loan.

If an item is received in the post, it is accessioned as an unsolicited donation, therefore, we have the right to dispose of the item after seeing whether it fits into our collection.

Please do not be offended if we do not accept your donation. We are grateful for all offers but simply do not have the space to accept every object.

Please note: It cannot be guaranteed that your object will go on display at the museum, but it will be accessible to researchers even if it is kept in our stores. We also do not buy or sell artefacts.

Donation Enquiry Form
I.e Ration Books, Military Documents/ Clothing etc
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.

Popular Objects

Air Ministry label & Copy - "Live pigeons not for liberation" - for attachment to pigeon basket; 3811
W.L.A. greatcoat (brown) - with W.L.A. arm band & W.L.A. metal badge - Women's Land Army - 1945; 1/01/1945; 23904
R.A.F. officer's dress tunic & trousers (blue) - Squadron Leader Farren - Queen's buttons - medal ribbons (6) - observer's brevet; 24787
R.A.F. battledress blouson (blue) - 1945 - no insignia; 1/01/1945; 25426
Gents wool, three piece blue pin striped suit from Burton.; 70132
1 Ladies burgundy polyester day dress. possibly Early 1960's; 70134
Uniform - trousers & jacket of capt a C Coulter REME; 71146
Army uniform - jacket & trousers. Royal Engineers. Captain insignia. medal ribbon. ubique collar badges. Captain Lance.; 71819
Ladies blue lace evening gown. Poor condition; 73423
2 Ladies cream cotton nightgowns; 73424
Raf great coat, jacket & blouson jacket.; 73425
Ladies coat. Oatmeal colour. Needene trimline; 73427
Oddball costume - leather jacket, vest & trousers; 74230
1948 Rose coloured crepe bridesmaid dress. Worn by donator's mother; 74801
1948 Ivory jacquard satin wedding dress & underslip. Worn by donator's aunt; 74800
1955 Fur coat. Beaver lamb fur (sheepskin processed to resemble beaver or seal fur); 74803
Nurses cape, blue wool with red lining, JH Bounds, t/a stethos, 1940s; 74898
Royal Navy officers windproof jacket zipped. size 3. height 170-190cM. chest 100cM. mid 1980s. Chris Costello; 75533
Royal Navy raincoat. mans size 170/92. J compton sons & Webb Ltd. mid 1980s. Chris Costello; 75534
WW1 Death Plaque commemorating Fred Pye. Likely 241204 Rifleman Fred Pye. 2nd/5th Bn South Lancashire Regiment; 77920
Headed notepaper (3 sheets) - "Buckingham Palace" embossed in red - see also item no: 5133; 5132
Envelope (1) - with crown motif embossed in red - see item no: 5132; 5133
Leaflet - Ministry of Health - "First aid in brief" - June 1940; 1/06/1940; 5270
Royal Navy forms (4) - "Sick Berth rating's history sheet" - sick reports (2) - kit list (1) - Victor A. Chamberlain C/MX85993 Royal Navy; 5488

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