In commemoration of 100 years since the end of WW1 we purchased 3 ‘There But Not There, ‘Tommies’ and installed them alongside a remembrance memorial on the recently built roundabout on the A169, on the approach to the museum.

‘There But Not There’ is a remembrance project/art installation, run by the charity ‘Remembered’, who aim to educate and raise funds for veterans charities through the sale and installation of life size ‘Tommies’.

The remembrance memorial has 10 red strands with 10 poppies attached, each representing a decade for the centenary, purple strands and purple bows to remember the millions of animals that went to war and 8 yellow ribbons, each representing the 20,000 current serving men and women.

The memorial stands as a subtle but fitting memorial to honour all those who served, died and were affected by the war, both at home and overseas.