We are thrilled to announce an exciting new project, working in partnership with Technically Creative.

We’ve been looking to reinvigorate one of our displays, Hut 5: ‘The Blitz’, preserving important history and heritage whilst offering a modern-day experience through the latest mediums. The project has been underway for some time due to delays and closures but we are now back on track for something AMAZING! With Technically Creative’s ‘Experience Design Team’, we have created a storyline which delivers a fully immersive landscape, encompassing the most up to date AV technology and with storytelling mixed media.

“From starting to remove the old Blitz display, brainstorming with the team to design a new concept and then seeing our wishes brought to life through animation, it has been a long process so far to ensure our new Blitz display live up to reputation whilst representing our history in an accurate way.” Managing Director at Eden Camp, Paula Peace says, “We are very excited to be working with Technically Creative on such an important project for the museum, and after a huge investment, we hope to set precedent for future interactive displays at Eden Camp.”

The narrative of the Blitz is well known as a huge turning point in Britain’s war history. The team at Technically Creative, with the help of Eden Camp’s Archive, endeavour to enhance the interpretation of this historical landmark by using a mixture of projections, animation, and special effects. In true Eden Camp style, we hope to invigorate the human senses with the sights, sounds, and smells of life both before and after that fateful night of 7th September 1940.

The exciting thing about working with a well-respected client and museum such as Eden Camp is the breadth of knowledge and materials at our disposal. This has given us the huge advantage of enabling us to create a thematic landscape, which is not only historically accurate but realistic and thrilling.” Technically Creative say in their statement, “We’re also lucky that Eden Camp is local to our workshop and means we’ve got ease of access and availability right on our doorstep to showcase our talented team and the work we do for the tourism industry which has been so hard hit these past two years.”

We can’t wait for visitors to see the fruits of our labours in the early part of 2022!