Adopt An Artefact


Adopt an Artefact at Eden Camp and learn all about how our Archive team preserve items on display and behind the scenes.
Choose from 10 items at the museum to sponsor and receive a full information pack all about Eden Camp, your chosen item and the preservation tasks behind looking after history.
You’ll also receive quarterly updates by email about how your item is doing and where it is in the museum!

Choosing to adopt one of our artefacts not only helps to look after that item but helps keep our museum going to look after even more precious heritage. On top of that, to welcome you to the Eden Camp family, you will get your very own Eden Camp Bear (with a jumper!) to look after at home!
It’s the perfect gift that keeps on giving!

Additional information

Adopt an Artefact

1907 Pattern Sword Bayonet, 1940s USA Tinned Powdered Dried Eggs, 1940s Womens' Civilian Outfit, Bread Shoes, Gerald the Merrythought Vintage Bear, Mickey Mouse Gas Mask, MkI Steel Police Helmet c.1938 The Brodie, Prisoner of War Camp Money, Spitfire MKIX, T34 Russian Tank, Waxwork Montgomery and Signed Photo